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Definition of Gamma Globulin

Transient monoclonal gammopathy may be observed in an immunocompromised patient with infection due to an opportunistic pathogen such as cytomegalovirus. Monoclonal gammopathy is usually observed in patients above age 50 years and is rare in children. Gerritsen et al. studied 4000 pediatric patients during a 10-year period and observed monoclonal gammopathy in only 155 children, but such gammopathies were found most frequently in patients with primary and secondary immunodeficiency, hematological malignancies, autoimmune disease, and severe aplastic anemia. Follow-up analysis revealed that most of these monoclonal gammopathies were transient

Gamma Globulin shots were pounded into us every time we switched continents. If you got a transfusion it was automatic as soon as you got near an Air Evac Unit with a refrigerator. They always had it and were more than willing to blast you at a moment’s notice. No shots, no payroll. Go to jail.

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