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What is Parotid Gland Infection & How is it Treated?

Parotid Gland Infection is a pathological condition of the salivary gland, in which these glands get infected by a bacteria or a viral infection. The infection may be isolated to the salivary glands or may also involve the salivary ducts. Parotid Gland Infection can occur as a result of decrease salivary flow due to some sort of obstruction or in case of inflammation of the salivary duct.

Saliva plays an important role in digestion of the food that we eat by assisting in breakdown of foods. It also helps the mouth to stay clear and free of any bacteria and other food particles.

When there is reduced flow of saliva in the mouth, then not all the bacteria is washed away and some bacteria still remains in the mouth. These bacteria may ultimately cause infection. If the infection is caused in the parotid gland, which is present inside the cheek then it is termed as Parotid Gland Infection.

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